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XYZ Machinery LLC

XYZ Machinery LLC has been manufacturing CNC Router and laser machines since 2005. The company has its own outstanding product development team comprising of professional engineers and research technologists with a long industry experience.

With constant technical innovation, XYZ Machinery holds a number of patents and has developed CNC Router Machines/CNC Machining Centers under XYZCAM as well as Laser cutting/engraving machines under EXLAS and XYZL brands. We offer a wide range of products serving all kinds of applications: from the economical entry-level machines to versatile multi-purpose machines, and high-end performance (HP) machines oriented at industrial strength and high-level automation for accommodating the demands of your business.

Our company and products have been approved by ISO90001, CE certification.

We are proud to be supplying now over 100 countries worldwide and many regions around the globe. Customers purchase with confidence due to our unique and innovative designs. Each machine is produced in-house by qualified technicians and a well trained staff to serve your needs, all delivered on a timely basis with pride.

XYZ Machinery is capable to provide solutions adapted to customer’s machining and process requirements based on our years of engineering experience and solution resources. 

Now, XYZ Machinery GmbH in Germany is working with professional German engineers for an even more advanced machine standard and quality.

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