CNC Machines

Due to continuous further development, XYZ Machinery holds numerous patents and trademark laws such as XYZCAM for CNC Routers as well as EXLAS and XYZL for laser machines.

Our product portfolio is very wide in order to fulfill all your requests and requirements. This starts with our entry-level model for the low-cost production and goes up to high-end machines produced according to your demands.

Our company and products are certified according to ISO 90001, CE, FDA and GOST-R.



Modern Laser Flatbed Knife-Cut Machine V-DC digital cutter is an advanced engineered flatbed cutting table and …



Medium-duty Standard ATC Machine


P4.2 HP

4-Axis Simultaneous CNC Router with movable work table and B-axis


P4.1 HP

4-Axis Simultaneous CNC Router with C-Axis


P5 HP Table Moving

5-Axis simultaneous with movable work table


P5 HP Gantry Moving

CNC Machining Center


P6 HP U type

3 & 4 & 5 axis wood and foam machining center



Open-type Foam Machining Centre & Hotwire


P7 Table Moving

Available models: P7-505, P7-404, P7-606 Designed for excellent machining accuracy and edge finish, especially …



Standard Large format flat bed laser machine



Precision flatbed laser machine



Large flatbed laser machine



Medium-sized cutting-engraving machine

EXLAS CNC Lasermaschine


Advanced laser cutting machine

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