Options & Accessories

XYZ Machinery GmbH offers not only CNC Routers, but also respective accessories as well as customer-specific solutions.

Please contact us and describe your demands!


Dust Extraction Unit

XYZ’s own high efficiency dust collector

Table Construction

Custom-made table construction, such as fully aluminium table surface, cast iron table

Auto-loading/unloading System

We take care of the automatic loading and unloading of your machine.

Drilling Unit

Available in a wide range of models with vertical spindle, horizontal drill and saw blade options, the boring head used for high volume kitchen cabinet making industries.

CNC Control

Industry leading multi axis simultaneous controller, those includes ultra high-speed processors in use, high-speed CNC internal bus, and offers great improvement of the machining performance

Rotary Axis


Threading Function


Custom-made JIGS


Automatic recognition system XVS


Light Curtain

Optionally, we are offering you a safety light curtain for integration in your exsiting security system.

Clamping System

Vacuum clamping system ensures distortion-free, reliable clamping of metal, wood and plastic workpieces.

Vacuum Pump Option

A high flow rotary vane vacuum pumps, economical models ring blowers as an option.

Aggregate Tools

A wide range of aggregate tools, those enable cutting material with vertical saws, drilling holes, inlets machining and many other uses not available to normal 3 axis machining.

Air Purifier System

By using a HEPA Filter (up to 99 97% efficient on microns 0 3 microns) and an activated carbon filter, the purifier provides exhaust flow to remove the smoke and fumes generated during laser processing

Custom Clamping Table

Customer-specific work table with clamping options

Heavy duty cutting table

Heavy duty work table for cutting applications

CCD Vision Recognition System

Using the current high-end DSP technology and a leading camera recognition system, in cooperation with the intelligent software, helps you automatically locate the position of the object and performs a precise contour cut accordingly!

Rotary Device

Special accessory for cylindrical objects, such as cups, wine bottles, flashlights, etc Both tray and chuck types for option, if your material is fragile , the tray type rotary is more suitable for you.

Hybrid Cutting Laser Head

For cutting applications

Beam Expander

Designed to increase the diameter of a laser beam

Red Dot Alignment Pointer

A very useful positioning tool for engraving work, emitting a visible red beam that indicates your starting point and make it easy to align of the laser beam to your work

Air Compressor

A specifically designed Air Compressor for offering powerful air assist, by applying the filter, outputs high quality air, helps you to blow away the articles and prevent overheating, a efficient way to keep lenses and mirrors clean.

Servo System

High speed servo offers excellent dynamic response acceleration property, it is capable to realize precise positioning and rapid movement of laser machine, reliably and free of maintenance

US RF Metal Laser Tube

Word leading RF laser tube from Synrad and Coherent for option, RF laser offers ultra-stablility, high density laser beam as well as long operating lifetimes

Honeycomb Table

It is ideal option designed for strength and flatness, for cutting or engraving thin and soft materials, will offer a quite flat working area

Industry Chiller

Professional water cooling system for the CO2 laser tube, maintains a stationary operating temperature during the laser processing, provide good protection for the laser tube.

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