XYZCAM P1-Series - Heavy duty CNC portal milling machine with manual tool change

The three-axis CNC milling machine of the P1 series is the most flexible and reliable XYZ machine series that offers the highest cutting accuracy with fast movements.

Applicable materials:

  • Polystyrene foams
  • Wood products
  • Solid wood
  • Plastics
  • Aluminum and composites
  • Non-ferrous metals

Available models:

P1-1325, P1-1530, P1-2030, P1-2040

from 29.000 € (excl. VAT)


XYZCAM-B enables an ideal balance between stiffness, flexibility and strength. A much heavier frame can be adapted for a variety of more demanding applications.
First-class AC servo motors and planetary gears are designed for high volume applications where cycle times are kept to a minimum and the servo drive can increase productivity. An economical configuration with a stepper or hybrid servo motor is possible as an option.
We use the highest quality self-lubricated THK guides for all three axes as standard. This ensures high precision, high rigidity and long-term maintenance-free operation.
Fernbedienung einer CNC t
Offline handheld terminal based on the integrated control system, U-Disk transfers the G-code files. As an option, controls from Syntec, Siemens, FUNAC etc. can be used to achieve higher performance.
Werkzeuge einer CNC Portalfräse
Multi-functions based on the P1 are possible as an option, 2 to 5 processes with a milling spindle or an additional knife cutting head.
Optional XVS mark reader system with a USB camera and mark recognition software. Improves the workflow by automatically aligning the material.
Bearbeitung von Kunststoff mit einer Portalfräse
Expansion options for 2-4 processes, such as cutting, creasing, V-cutting, etc.

Properties & Specifications








Table Size

1330x2540mm / 52″x100″

1590x3050mm / 62″x120″

2100x3050mm / 82″x120″

2100x4100mm / 82″x160″

X,Y Working Area

1270x2540x203mm /

4´2〞x 8´4〞x 0.67’/


1524×3048 x203mm /

5´x 10´x 0.67’/

60″x120″ x8″

2032×3048 x203mm /

6´8〞x 10´x 0.67’/

80″x120″ x8″

2032×4064 x203mm /

6´8〞x 13´4〞x 0.67’ /

80″x160″ x8″

Z Stroke


Table Structure

Vacuum + T slot


Helical rack and pinion on X axis Y, ball screw on Z axis

Driving Mode

AC Servo / Hybrid servo / Stepper motor coupling gear reducer

Max Idle Speed

60m/min (AC Servo)

30m/min (Hybrid Servo)

25m/min (Stepper)

Max Working Speed

42m/min (AC Servo)

20m/min (Hybrid Servo)

15m/min (Stepper)

Spindle Motor

High Frequency Air Cooled, 3.0KW

High Frequency Air Cooled, 6.0KW

Working Mode

18000r/min or 24000r/min

Working Voltage



G Code


USB, Network cable or Ethernet


Artcam, Type3, Aspire, Fusion360,Cut2D