XYZCAM V-Series - CNC portal milling machine with manual tool changer

The V-Series is specifically aimed at customers looking for an inexpensive and easy-to-use CNC routing solution designed for the manufacture of signs and various types of woodwork.

Applicable materials:

  • Polystyrene foams
  • Wood products
  • Plastics
  • Printed circuit boards
  • etc.

Available models:

V-1212, V-1325, V-1530, V2030, V2040

from 12.900 € (excl. VAT)


XYZCAM-A, the compact frame consists of seamlessly welded steel tube. The models are available from 1200 mm x 1200 mm up to a larger area of ​​2000 x 4000 mm or more.
2-8 vacuum zones for small to large machines; Vacuum regulator on the side.
Quick-release dust protection and LED work lights on the spindle.
Compact design: control cabinet and machine control integrated in the machine bed, resulting in a smaller footprint.
cnc technik
Offline handheld terminal based on the integrated controller, U-Disk transfers G-code files. WINDOWS-based motion controller as an option.
Internal ring fan
Numerous options possible: knife cutting head, creasing tool, etc.
The configuration of the individual components can be changed, for example servo or stepper motor minimum quantity lubrication, oscillating knife, 3-D measuring probe for height scanning, safety light barriers according to your specifications.

Features & specifications








Table Size

1330x2540mm / 52″X100″

1590x3050mm / 62″X120″

2100x3050mm / 82″X120″

2100x4100mm / 82″X160″

X,Y Working Area

1270x2540mm / 4´2〞X 8´4〞 / 50″X100″

1524x3048mm / 5´X 10´ / 60″X120″

2032x3048mm / 6´8〞X 10´/ 80″X120″

2032x4064mm / 6´8〞X 13´4〞 / 80″X160″

Z stroke

165mm /6.5’’

Table Structure

Vacuum + T slot


Helical rack and pinion on X axis Y, ball screw on Z axis

Driving Mode

Stepper (hybrid servo/AC servo for option)

Max Idle Speed

30m/min (Stepper)

50m/min (Servo)

Max Working Speed

15m/min (Stepper)

30m/min (Servo)

Spindle Motor

Air Cooled, 3.0KW

Air Cooled, 4.5KW (6.0Kw, 7.0Kw for option)

Working Mode

18000r/min (24000r/min for option)

Working Voltage

AC380V (220V for option)


G Code




Artcam, Type3, Aspire, Fusion360, Cut2D