Medium-sized cutting-engraving machine

Available models: 6050, 6090, 1280, 1410, 1613

EXLAS is the medium sized series, powerful, versatile cutting-engraving machine with standard working areas from 635X508mm (25’’ x 20’’) to 1600X1321mm (63’’x52’’). EXLAS integrates welded square tube framework, un-limited material pass through door, down draft vacuum & up-down table, durable polyurethane belts transmission, micro step stepper motors…and high quality optics rated up to 180 watts.

Applicable materials:

  • Non-metal material like wood, plastic, fabric, ceramic products, cloth, leather, marble, paper, rubber, double plate, cattle horn, density board
  • Metal material such as steel, Aluminum, metal with Zin plating or coated metal material